We are an interactive online vacation magazine platform that features immersive experiences and vacations. It is geared towards the leisure travel market who are professionals with a passion for cultural and adventure tourism, and a local flavour.  It is based on the Old Town Square concept, of a meeting place which in this case connects you to immersive vacation ideas and excursions. We include both cost-effective travel, and luxury ideas. We also love to feature your vacation sightings so remember to tag @outthereglobal in your pics and videos (and not forgetting your hospitality provider)!

Before we delve into more about the channel I would love to personally thank all of our community for your fantabulous support, and contributions. Together, we are uniting! 

Vacation Sightings features non-professional videos captured by vacation-makers, locals, as well as tourism and hospitality providers. If you fall into any of these categories, keep your eyes focused, and press record …

We aim to keep the channel entertaining, while educating each other on world heritage.  So tune in… 

Take a trip around the world with us! And immerse yourself amidst adventure travel, cultural tourism & the heritage that each unique destination has to offer. We will delve into the traditions, gastronomy, UNESCO sites and culture, sustainable architecture, dance, wildlife, festivals and adventurous escapades. We hope you ready!

If you are looking for travel ideas for your next vacation look no further. Our Youtube channel and vacation magazine platform will guide you. 

Our main ethos however is conservation first! We encourage all of our community to be kind to the environment, our world heritage and each other. Example, you won’t find elephant back riding here etc etc etc. It’s about respect!

Our feature variety includes:

Adventure tourism comprising cultural exchanges, as well as fun, and sometimes adrenalin activities in nature. 

Cultural tourism emphasising the experience of life within a foreign culture, rather than as a temporary visitor, or a rushed tourist!

Gastronomy travel is the exploration of food as a motivation for tourism. Here you can glimpse into exactly what dishes the locals eat. 

UNESCO sites – World Heritage sites have outstanding universal value reflecting both cultural masterpieces and natural landscapes and ecosystems. It encourages people to travel beyond the major tourist hubs, staying longer and experiencing more of what the local region has to offer. Any excuse to stay longer : )

Architectural travel will include anything from genius modern day masterpieces to historical masters. We will offer coverage of interior design, art and architectural spheres. But with the emphasis on maintaining a healthy urban ecosystem between the requirements of residents and tourists. 

Dancing! Did you know dances assist and enhance the tourism sector? Be entertained or learn to dance in places where these dance styles were born.

Its all wild! Wildlife embraces the opportunities for you to discover animals in action! And plant life in their natural habitat. We encounter and observe wildlife’s’ unique behaviors in a conservation rich environment.  (And it’s all wild because at no stage will we ever encourage human to animal interaction, and will not feature such content on our youtube channel or magazine platform.) 

Festivals maintain a key contribution to cultural tourism. They give a window into the world of the locals while celebrating to the maximum.They mark an important component in traditions and often display a cheerful, colourful spirit. Although there are various dark traditional festivals out there. Watch this space. 

City Vogue & Explorations connects you to travel ideas and itineraries from adventure, culture, gastronomy, wildlife & safari across the globe. Enjoy your experience here with rich story-telling, features, multimedia, insights and latest news. Stay inspired!

Extraordinaire connects you to travel ideas and itineraries ranging from 5 star luxury to hard to reach places and wonders of the world. Enjoy your experience here with rich story-telling, features, multimedia, insights and latest news. Stay inspired!

Out There Global Square Feature, we do regular fun features that includes our community and new comers participation. We meet at our virtual Square (based on the old town Square concept of a meeting place) and share photos, videos & timelapses re our topic of the month! Join us in helping to inspire vacations, excursions and outings close to home!


regularly feature a specific destination which can be found over at the Square through different forms of multimedia, including videos, time-lapses, live webcams, virtual tours, and photos. Also included is suggested itineraries and things to do relative to your budget and preferences. Virtually travel a destination with us.

Tracy Burrows is the founder of Out There Global Square travel platform featuring both cost effective and luxury travel ideas & excursions around the world. From Jan 2014 – Dec 2016 she managed the LatestSightings.com blog (a United Nations World Summit Award Winner: Culture & Tourism 2016 & National Geographic partner). She was also consulting editor at MOZambique Magazine, and a contributing writer at Sawubona Magazine (South African Airways inflight magazine). Prior to her career she obtained a tourism marketing degree, and graduated from a 2 year ‘Hospitality Management in Development Program’ in California.

She also acquired a journalism diploma and since it’s been all about travel and writing! Her nourishment comes from all those who have impacted her: family; friends; and strangers alike. Thank you for joining our journey!

Shakira Akbar a former diplomat is our fabulous narrator at Vacation Sightings and you can meet her on her YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsYHqor instagram account https://www.instagram.com/shakira_akbar/

Enjoy finding your travel itinerary, excursion or idea…!


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