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Who’s the true warlord? Lion versus hyena

Explore now...Lion vs HyenaA must do Kruger routeLion vs Hyena Some consider the elephant the true king of the wild in Africa, but surely the lion is the true warlord?... Read More

101 beginners guide to the science behind wildlife tracking

Explore now...The science of trackingMapThe science of tracking A master wildlife tracker is able to discern clues, reinvent what transpired on the landscape, and make predictions about the prey. Tracking... Read More

Divert your gaze with these extraordinary Little 5

Explore now...Little 5Little 5 Imagine a tortoise with leopard like spots and an ability to swim, a passerine bird with an externally visible psuedo-penis, or a beetle with a rhinoceros... Read More

The remarkable and noted colorful traditions of Kosi Bay

Explore now...Kosi BayMapKosi Bay  In December of 1999, The iSimangaliso Wetland Park was recorded as a World Heritage Site (WHS)! Amidst this region of high conservation, a black stitched... Read More

An interesting and unusual wildlife leopard kill

Explore now...See this leopard sightingMapSee this leopard sighting It was December, when Anton Kruger and his wife Renate were enjoying a slow drive in the Kruger National Park.  When suddenly,... Read More

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