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A location with such immense grandeur and extravagance also has a rich cultural past.

Exploring the natural beauty and engaging with the local culture can always be done on an entertaining road trip. You’re in for a treat if you’re considering taking a road journey from Bangalore to Hampi. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is well-known for its historic monuments, ruins, and temples. This is a suggested three-day road travel plan for the Hampi tour package from Bangalore.

  • History of Hampi
  • Main Attractions in Hampi
  • The Royal Center



History of Hampi

A location with such immense grandeur and extravagance also has a rich cultural past. Three centuries ago, in the BC, Hampi was a member of the Mauryan Empire. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that, during Ashoka’s reign, the rock structures discovered in the Bellary district served as a common method of documenting pertinent information. When the Vijayanagar city first came into being in the year 1336 AD, Hampi served as the capital city for all four of its dynasties. King Krishnadeva Raya of the Tuluva Dynasty led the Vijayanagara Empire to unimaginable heights.

Bangalore to Hampi by road 

The trip to Hampi, which is about 350 miles away, should begin early in the morning from Bangalore. The towns of Hospet, Chitradurga, and Tumkur are all along the route. The road is generally in good condition, and the trip takes six to seven hours.

The old fort of Chitradurga Fort, which has temples and intriguing architecture, should be the first stop along the route. Take some time to investigate the fort and study its background. Proceed with your journey and arrive at Hampi by early evening or late afternoon.

Bangalore to Hampi by rail 

There isn’t a train station in Hampi. The closest railhead is located in Hospet, 13 kilometers away from the Hampi ruins. As a result, visitors start their journey to Hampi from Hospet.

Main Attractions in Hampi

The Hampi Bazaar area and the Royal Center near Kamalapuram are the two main tourist areas in Hampi. For a relaxing and enjoyable sightseeing tour in Hampi, reserve private guided excursions.

Hampi Bazaar Area

  • Virupaksha Temple 

Situated near the Hampi Bazaar, this 15th-century temple is situated. It is among the town’s oldest monuments. The main shrine of the temple, which has a height of almost 50 meters above the ground, is devoted to Virupaksha, a manifestation of Lord Shiva.

  • Hemakuta Hill 

To the south of the Virupaksha temple, this site is home to Jain temples, ancient ruins, and a monolithic sculpture of Lord Narasimha, which is said to resemble Lord Vishnu. An outstanding perspective of Hampi Bazaar is provided by Hemakuta Hill.

  • Vittal Temple 

The 16th-century World Heritage Vittal temple is located two kilometers east of Hampi Bazaar. The architectural magnificence of the craftsmen of the Vijayanagara Empire is revealed through the carvings seen on this temple. It is reported that tapping the outer pillars of this temple will cause it to play music. They are therefore also referred to as musical pillars.

  • Achyutaraya Temple 

The abandoned Sule Bazaar and the Achyutaraya temple are visible between Vittal Temple and Hampi Bazaar.

The Royal Center

The royal center is situated halfway between Kamalapuram and the Hampi Bazaar district. From the Hampi Bazaar, it is a 2-kilometer walk down to this location. The royal center’s walled area is home to a number of tourist attractions.

  • Lotus Mahal 

Located inside the Zenana Enclosure, a walled complex, this palace is an elaborately built pavilion. Its name derives from the lotus blossom sculpted on its domed and vaulted ceiling, which showcases a blend of Indo-Islamic and architectural styles.

  • The Elephant Quarter 

The Zenana Enclosure is next to the Elephant Quarter. The royal elephants were housed under this domed structure.

  • Archeological Museum 

The Vijayanagara Empire’s sculptures are well-represented at this Kamalapuram museum.

  • Anegundi

Anegundi is another tourist destination worth seeing in addition to the Hampi Bazaar and the Royal Center. Across the Tungabhadra River, to the north of Hampi Bazaar, is a fortified region. In and surrounding it are numerous temples.

Hampi is a genuinely enchanted location that provides the ideal fusion of culture, history, and scenic beauty. You can make the most of your vacation to this UNESCO World Heritage Site by being well-prepared and organized.

Indulging in adventurous activities, sampling local specialties, and discovering historic ruins—Hampi has something to offer everyone. So gather your belongings and get ready, along with our travel guide, for an amazing trip full with amazing experiences and priceless memories.

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