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Free-spirited travelers may indeed reconsider that old expression “home for the holidays” after hearing about the European feasts and festivals they can enjoy on an end-of-year trip with Busabout. 

These are flexible, fun and frugal trips around Europe for young-at-heart travelers. The Hop-on Hop-off bus network, which connects 47 popular European destinations from May through October, gives travelers the freedom to choose where they go and how long they stay, as well as a variety of accommodation choices in each destination. As a bonus, the Hop-on Hop-off network links up with Busabout’s European Adventures, sailing trips and cultural and music festivals, making it easy to create unique adventures on the fly. 

Flirt your way through Europe with one of these popular festivals:



Sziget Festival is a massive music and cultural festival that takes place in Budapest, Hungary. It launched 25 years ago in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union as a means to provide arts programming for students. The festival has grown into one of the biggest and most iconic in the world.

What Busabout says, “Sziget is like the entire planet’s iPod was left on shuffle and everyone’s enjoying themselves too much to pick a genre. You’ll find yourself pogoing to Hungarian Gypsy-folk jazz, crowd surfing in a metal mosh pit, and jiving to chart-smashing summer hit singles. It’s like your Nan’s the DJ and she doesn’t care if one track compliments the next.”


The Oktoberfest dates back to 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, after whom the festival grounds are named.  The official wedding celebrations lasted five days and were staged as a grand ovation to the family that now ruled over the young kingdom. The celebrations, at once magnificent and open to the common folk, took place on a stage that embraced the whole of Munich

What Busabout says, “Imagine the best night you’ve ever had in your local bar, add a foolish amount of amusement rides, enough sausages to satisfy thousands of hungry Germans, people dressed like Disney princesses and traditional huntsmen and you still wouldn’t be close to how absurdly awesome this party is!”


This is a classic display and celebration of Shetland Scotland’s past! 

What Busabout says, “Few have heard of it, let alone been. In the far north of Scotland one of the most incredible festivals in Europe is held. Fifty helmeted Vikings, a burning Norse galley and an all-night party. Unmissable.”


King’s Day is considered one of the best celebrations in Holland. Each year on 27 April, the Dutch celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. The king himself travels through the country with his family.

What Busabout says, ”We love to party, and nobody parties better than the Dutch on King’s Day. Do it Dutch, and experience King’s Day like a local!”


Ultra Europe is the European edition of the worldwide dance music festival, taking place each summer in Croatia and showcasing the biggest names in EDM, house, and techno.

What Busabout says, “Ultra is intense! During Ultra Split becomes the party capital of the world.”


La tomato, Spain is known as the worlds largest food fight!  The origins of the festival go back to 1945 when youngsters in Del Pueblo Square started a fight. This fight turned into a food fight battle using tomatoes from nearby stalls. Today it is about celebrating the end of summer in Europe and running through the streets of Bunol.

What Busabout says, “Squash up with hundreds of hard-partying Spaniards and enjoy the world’s most famous tomato fight. Here you can experience one of the most eccentric and crazy Spanish fiestas of all time!”


What Busabout says, “See the biggest names in music, venture through hip galleries, and watch awesome acrobatics while indulging in a part of musical history.”


Experience Halloween the Hungarian way!  What Busabout says, “ This is an adventure that combines the best Halloween sights, frights, and creepy nights with the tucked-away wonders of Transylvania.”


What Busabout says, “Deck the halls with snow and adventure as this Christmas you’ll be discovering all the jingles and bells of Eastern Europe (KRAKOW – PRAGUE).”

Busabout details:

To book a festival or for more information about travelling with Busabout through Europe and its festivals click here.


Busabout is an award winning freestyle form of travel with a unique hop-on hop-off flexible coach network. With a unique Hop-on Hop-off bus network in Europe, guided Adventures in the UK, Europe, Southeast Asia and Morocco, sailing and island-hopping trips in Europe, Turkey, and Thailand, and European music and culture festivals, they can show you destinations and events that will blow your mind!

Busabout currently has an excellent 4.7 star Tourradar rating from over 6000 reviews


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    it is really awesome to go on a tour during festivals in Europe countries. Thank you for sharing this kind of post. I was looking for this kind of stuff from a long time.

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