Here are the best live virtual travel experiences

Here are the best live virtual travel experiences with locals for you to create your own at home online bucket list. From home, train with a martial arts instructor in Asia, cook with a chef in Italy, unwind on a virtual yoga retreat, start your day with a wildlife safari, or explore the history, archeology, art, culture and more from around the world. We have it all!

Times are challenging! The pandemic smacked the tourism industry with a blow, all while holiday-makers have had their escape snatched from their grip. And for us, our trips are so much more than an escape, it is an investment in ourselves.

The hospitality sector works tirelessly to ensure we can experience cultural milestones and bucket list adventures. And so do we work hard to experience them. So with brakes on in the hospitality sector, we are continuously looking at ways to support these sectors.

And cultural and adventure tourism is evolving, making the world more accessible during the pandemic. As a result, cultural and adventure travel has literally entered our homes!

With leading experts and locals you can create your best live virtual travel experiences bucket-list:

  • Virtual Wildlife Safaris
  • Cook with a local chef
  • Creative walking tours – archeology, history, culture, and art
  • Train with a local martial arts guru
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Dance to the beat of the Cook Islands
  • Virtual School Day (For the parents)



&Beyond is wildly entertaining!

Their range of virtual safari and travel offerings now include &Beyond TV and Virtual Experiences

1. &Beyond TV: A weekly selection of live and recorded programmes

From anywhere around the globe you can enjoy free livestreams twice-daily, three-hour virtual game drives for an exhilarating wildlife fix!

You can view the safaris between:

  • 06:30am – 10:30am CAT (sunrise dependent)
  • 15:00pm – 18:00pm CAT (sunset dependent)

Undoubtedly a scene-stealer highlight, the beloved 16-strong Birmingham lion pride on &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve in South Africa continues to teach us about family bonds, fierce rivalries and the fight for dominance, and ultimately survival, in the wild.

Be sure to interact with their guides by asking questions on YouTube or using #wildearth on Twitter.



2. Virtual Experiences: The ability to book private online experiences hosted by &Beyond guides

Combining the growing need for more personal online connections with the opportunity to raise funds for conservation, &Beyond has also added a range of virtual experiences that can be booked online. 

The company has kicked off with the opportunity for erstwhile travellers to book a private Zoom session with one of the WILDwatch Live guides for themselves and up to five friends, using a maximum of up to six links. This allows wildlife enthusiasts to learn more about the animals seen on the live-streamed drives and to reconnect with their favourite guides virtually while making a contribution towards essential conservation efforts. 


Virgin Limited Edition’s Great Migration Phenomenon

Watch the annual Great Migration with Mahali Mzuri’s live virtual safaris as it crosses through the path of Mahali Mzuri in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The truly breath-taking and astonishing natural spectacle that is the Great Migration will see anywhere up to two million animals, mostly wildebeest, moving en masse in a never-ending search for food and water.

With the help of some very talented Guides, Mahali Mzuri has been showcasing live game drives in the famous Maasai Mara with phenomenal sightings that have included elephants, giraffes, buffalo, lions, cheetah and much more.

Live game drive from the majesty of the Maasai Mara at Mahali Mzuri

  • When: Every Wednesday at 3:00pm BST
  • Where: Facebook – @VirginLimitedEdition



Traditional Greek Cooking Class from Athens

Connect with your chef and foodies globally and learn to make traditional Greek recipes. Plus, delve into the history of this simple yet esteemed food – including small tips and tricks practiced in every Greek kitchen. At the heart of every Greek kitchen is the warmth and cultural traditions from millennia ago.

Make Pizza with Chefs Denyse & Roberto live in Italy

Learn the secrets to cooking the perfect pizza as the Italians have done for centuries. Create an Italian kitchen at home! break down the basic steps to making traditional Italian pizza. As flour flies and ovens warm, this duo will teach you just how simple it is to make delicious pizza at home. with others from around the world and ask the experts all your burning questions.

Chef-guided Online Authentic Indian Cooking

Now you can concoct iconic traditional Indian dishes in the comfort of your home. Explore different Indian spices and basic ingredients with your chef in this 5 day online class. Plus you get a detailed cookbook including 25 Indian dishes authentic recipe will be sent. And vegetarian or vegan sessions can be included upon your request


NYC Met Museum Tour With a Twist

Spend an hour with an entertaining, sometimes lippy, but always professional Metropolitan Museum of Art guide. Hear the stories and glories of some of the Met’s most sideways artifacts. The best stories are often left untold but not on this tour experience! Along with others from around the world, consider works of art in a way you never have before, take part in a hilarious quiz, as you weave your way through highlights of a massive collection.

Join this live online tour along with others from around the world and participate with laughter and questions.

Travel back in time through the Acropolis of Athens

Join an expert local Athenian and archeologist guide from their home to yours! Explore through time from the foundation of the city through to the present-day site at the Acropolis. This online tour grants a further insight into the lives and decisions of a society of people who founded a nation, molded the future, and facilitated a global culture of art, intellectualism, architecture, literature, and of course, philosophy.

Learn the secrets to some of the Acropolis’ structures and how they have survived over the centuries. Connect in conversation with others from around the world and ask your expert questions.

Descend into the Darkness of Paris Catacombs

Engage with a leading expert guide who will share the fascinating yet grim history of the Catacombs of Paris. Learn the secrets to the composition and artistry of the bones, and the original intent behind the morbid design. Listen as the guide reveals the modern troubles that plague the site.Connect with others from around the world and ask the experts all your burning questions.

Nelson Mandela’s path

Over the course of an hour, journey through the integral events of Madiba’s historical path – from young activist and lawyer to anti-apartheid revolutionary, and subsequently as the first democratically elected black President of South Africa. It is with great honour that Walks has been granted exclusive access to Drakenstein Prison where Madiba spent the final 14 months of his 27-year long incarceration.

Connect with others from around the world and touch on the various methods of communication Madiba adhered to, the “bugged” environment he lived within, and the “metamorphosis” of his captors from oppressors, to friends and admirers.


One-on-One Kung-Fu

Learn the basics of Kung fu and reinvent your training into an education of cultures through every day practices. The course includes the basics, movement applications, the power from within, and how the power passes through the meridians to create the strongest power. It is a form of exercise but with a spiritual dimension!

Live Skype classes

1-on-1 Initiation and preparation to Martial Arts

Practice Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Xing Yi with Hicham Essadki a 46th Generation Sufi in Morocco. Your practice and skills through virtual training will include visualisation, patience, focus, mind-set preparation, defeating language barriers, and self-healing methods. The techniques shared are the results of 1 year with Shaolin Monks, 3 years with a Kriya Yoga Master and 4 years with a Sufi Master. You will have access to your guide’s private Whatsapp number

Live online sessions will be held over Zoom and Whatsapp

Box with a champion! 

Coach Shahab has prepared many professional fighters and champions for their title fights via his Spain camp. Connect online either privately or with a partner / friends and boost your boxing skills and fitness levels! Available to both beginner and intermediate. 

Available all year round via WhatsApp


Exotic Yoga Retreat with Meditation and Pranayama 

Try this current accessible way to unwind & rejuvinate! Advance your yoga practice, explore deep relaxation and most important connect with yourself. This is an excellent alternative for those who are craving a regular retreat but are unable to. 

With proficient and notably professional yoga instructors teaching from their hearts and the ancient and traditional lifestyle of yoga, take this treasured time out of your life and immerse yourself into the magic and mystery of yoga. Yoga is not just a tool, but a path that leads spiritual seekers on a never-ending and constantly-evolving journey into consciousness, mindfulness, and awareness. They will inspire you to listen to your body! Yoga styles include: Hatha / Nidra / Ashtanga / Chakra

Online sessions will be held over Zoom from Rishikesh India. 

Women weekend healing, beauty and yoga retreat

Experience something completely unique and utterly unforgettable with Pranasanti Yoga. There are 7 sessions for 2 days, with 4 sessions for the first day and 3 sessions the next day. Enjoy a time that brings you healing and joy spent with women like you, who need relaxation and pampering. During the beauty class session, the participants will be taught on how to make their own Jamu Kunyit and Lulur – royal body scrub.

Zoom or Skype from Bali Indonesia

3-Hour private online meditation workshop

Connect and learn the proper methods of meditation! Uncover the right lifestyle breathing awareness techniques, mindfulness, contemplation, and mantra chanting. Yogi Vishnu your instructor was initiated into the Raja Yoga system by his great guru, Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Rama.

Zoom with Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi from Rishikesh, India

Dance to the beat of the Cook Islands

Cook Islanders are hugely proud of their culture and heritage and dance is an important way of teaching cultural values and historical events not only to visitors but also to local younger generations to ensure that they are kept alive and not forgotten.

Once of the most popular Cook Islands dance focuses around the beat of a drum. There can be up to ten drums that compose the beat for the ura pa-u (drum dance) and these can be of varying types, from a skin drums to wooden tokere (slit drums) of different sizes. Cook Islanders are considered the best drummers and dancers in Polynesia.

Both men and women participate in these mesmerising fast dances. The women, who wear coconut bras, grass skirts made from beach hibiscus which has been dried, stripped and dyed and decorated with flowers, shells, feathers and seeds and decorated head bands, appear graceful even though this is an incredibly energetic dance. Their fast hip-swinging actions incorporate moves such as the totoro (dancing/walking while crouched close to the floor), ‘four-square’ patu (a jerky movement where a ‘square’ is formed with the hips), the ‘cobra’ ura akaparu (a snakelike movement from the waist down through the lower body), and the ‘Hollywood’ (one arm and one leg on opposite sides of the body thrust out in the final move.

Now you can try your hand at Cook Islands dance, in this video Champion Dancer Te Uirangi Bishop gives a tutorial on the basics.


Virtual School Day

Nearly 200 free, live K-12 classes available all day long intended to help parents fill their children’s day with enriched learning. Some popular classes are “Intro to Spanish for Kids”, “Coolest Women in History”, “Java Programming Basics”, and “The Story of Your Favorite Fairy Tales”. They  have received exceptional ratings from thousands of parents and students.

Now more than ever, students and parents should look to experts in online learning to understand how they can keep their children academically and emotionally sound.

For more information regarding complete learning-at-home solutions visit Varsity Tutors.

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