How to Enjoy a TV-inspired Holiday to Greece

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How to Enjoy a TV-inspired Holiday to Greece? With so many postcard-worthy photographic spots all across the islands, it’s no surprise that so many film and TV producers have set up shop in this wondrous corner of the globe. 



Greece is no stranger to stealing the limelight, having provided the backdrop to some of the most famous productions in recent times. But this destination is too beautiful to only be enjoyed via the medium of television. The only way to truly appreciate the sheer beauty and natural charm of the islands is to explore them up close and personal. But it can be hard to find these places, especially if they’re off the beaten track. 

So how do you get to enjoy the same picturesque scenery you see on screen? Read on to discover our guide, and you’ll soon be soaking in all the glorious scenes the magnificent country has to offer.

  • Visit at the right time
  • Experience some of the Greek Islands
  • Get out and about
  • Learn some Greek before you go
  • Time to get packing

Visit at the right time

The key to experiencing Greece at its finest is to go outside of peak tourist season if you can – especially if you’re visiting some well-known film locations. The most popular times for tourists to visit are during the summer months, so avoid this period unless you’re prepared to have some other people in your photos. 

If you have the choice to travel off-peak, the weather remains nice and warm throughout October. All the stunning attractions will be less busy, and more open for you to enjoy around this time.

Experience some of the Greek Islands

Although you may want to travel to Greece for a relaxed holiday, doing some island-hopping is a sure way to experience those picture-perfect beach scenes of clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos play host to some of the most iconic Greek backdrops you can get, from blue-domed white chapels to stone-cobbled streets – just like you’ve seen in movies.

Get out and about

Whether it’s experiencing a stunning sunset boat ride on the Mediterranean Sea, or hiking in the hills of Greece’s landscape, getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to ensure you see the sites you only thought possible in travel magazines. You don’t need fancy camera equipment to capture the essence of Greece’s nature – you just need to be able to get out on foot or the ocean. 

Learn some Greek before you go

Putting the effort in to learn a few key phrases will not only help you navigate the potential language barrier, but it’ll also make you popular with the locals. English is very widely spoken in Greece so overall communication is rarely an issue. However, at least trying some Greek will show respect, and if you can order a drink in Greek, you’ll become the best of friends with the barman or restauranteur. This can be particularly useful if you’re hunting out some remote scenic spots, away from the main towns.

Time to get packing

Greece is a fantastic holiday spot for the whole family and also great if you feel like you need a romantic getaway or simply some time to yourself. You’ll love experiencing wonderful nature, delving into the history and gorging on some of the best Mediterranean dishes. Greece is a spectacle in itself, but following the above guide will ensure you have the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. 

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