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The Gastronomic Route of Turrón and Chocolate a la Piedra promises a delicious experience centered around chocolate and nougat!

The Pyrenees Mountains, a distinct boundary between Spain and continental Europe is also a gateway to scrumptious cuisine. “Catalonia has all the ingredients for the best gastronomy: some of the best chefs in the world and high-quality, varied and seasonal produce,” explains Catalunya Tourism.   

It is also a hub to enjoy astonishing landscapes, with both mountains & forests, and which is as diverse as its adored cuisine. This equation combined with a range of outdoor activities, and an experience centred around chocolate and nougat, will no doubt leave visitors with a journey to remember!

Chocolate or nougat lovers can especially enjoy the region of Lleida in North Eastern Spain, Catalonia between 1 and 31 October.  This is because 13 restaurants along the route are delighting your taste buds. This route includes: Agramunt / Cervera / Gualter / La Fuliola / Lleida / Montsonís / Ponts / Tàrrega. 

Since as early as the 18th century, the town of Agramunt, Catalunya has lead a tradition in chocolate making. “They make it exclusively using cocoa, cane sugar and some aromas. The chocolate is granulated and dark, and comes in thick bars with squares that are also thick. It is made following the traditional methods of toasting and grinding the cocoa while hot. In former days it was prepared by grinding the cocoa on a stone;  hence the name which still remains of stone-made chocolate from Agramunt,” says Catalunya Tourism.

There is also an important gastronomic tradition linked to chocolate: the traditional Easter monas, chocolate nougat and drinking chocolate are made. However the dishes are not limited to desserts. Visitors along this route will therefore experience traditional Catalan “home styled” dishes all with a unique essence due to centuries of influence. That said, dishes served will not only include special ingredients of Turron, but chocolate will too feature as an important ingredient. Establishments along the route will prepare several dishes to deseasonalise the consumption of nougat and chocolate stone, two traditional products of the territory.

“The Pyrenees is full of life and will constantly call for your participation in the many activities on offer,” says the Spain Tourism Office. For further information please contact

For other tours & experiences of Catalunya visit here! Choose one of the six routes designed to tour Catalonia. They all travel through different places to help you get to know the cultural wealth, heritage and variety of landscapes, their wines and Catalan gastronomy. 

Each restaurant along the route will offer a single dish: either a starter, main or a dessert, with nougat or chocolate as the main ingredient. 

The seven participating establishments are:

All menus include Caldes de Boí and Ratafia dels Raiers mineral water. 

Casa Prades, de El Pont de Suert (from 5 to 7),
La Granja de Erill la Vall
Villa Maria de Llesp (from 11 to 14),
Ventador de Barruera and
L’Aüt de Erill la Vall ( from 19 to 21)
El Fai de Taüll
Manantial del Balneario de Caldes de Boí (from 26 to 28)

This is certainly a European route for chocolate lovers!

Catalunya has been nominated as one of The 18 finalists for the 2018 WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards. 


Barcelona retained in 2017 the Biosphere World Class Destination certificate

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