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The Galápagos Islands unique ecosystem undoubtedly leaves visitors with an overwhelming sense of respect and amazement. From the incredible views of Bartolomé Island, to beaches lined with sunbathing sea lions, these Islands are like no where else on earth. And they are just waiting to be explored…

Straddling the equator these Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands. These islands are renowned for their biodiversity and high level of endemic species. In fact the volcanic origins of the islands have left a striking terrain in its wake.  Consequently where the dark soil clashes against brightly coloured cacti, lava tunnels remain for those who dare to walk within, and sandy beaches lead into a rich underwater world.

Accordingly these Islands have an abundance of great snorkelling spots! And Aurora Expeditions’ passengers have the opportunity to explore the region’s underwater world on their small ship expedition. Travellers can expect to see a wide variety of marine life, much of which is not found anywhere else on the earth. This includes many different species of fish, marine turtles and the endemic marine iguana, which can dive up to 12 metres for food. However, for many visitors, close encounters in the water with playful sea lions is a snorkelling highlight.

The sea lions in particular are curious creatures and often approach snorkellers. However, it is not just the sea lions! Expert guides are also able to get you up-close to many other animal species without disturbing them. As a result guests are able to observe their natural behaviour. Of particular interest is the visit to the giant tortoises in the highlands. Actually you can come within arms reach of these emblematic creatures.


Isabela II: your Galápagos home

Aboard their small but stately ship, Isabela II, passengers experience the difference of small ship cruising. As a result they enjoy more frequent landings, greater access to the team, and travel with a group of like-minded passengers who share a spirit of adventure. This means that there’s always someone willing to go for a snorkel, hop in the kayaks or trek along the lava flows with!

Here Isabela II is your elegant home! It is small enough to reach almost every corner. Therefore, it gives passengers unbeatable access to the remarkable islands. Guests can spend the day taking advantage of the onboard snorkelling equipment, kayaks and glass bottom boat. Afterwards they can return to the ship and enjoy an evening drink on the deck, a relaxing jacuzzi, and time to speak with our experts to learn more about the island’s flora, fauna, geology and history.

   Other activities

Aurora’s passengers usually have a choice of options to explore each landing point, whether that’s cruising to secluded spots aboard a Zodiac, viewing the colourful underwater life from our glass-bottom boat, or getting up close with turtles, sea lions and bird species whilst paddling a kayak. Guests will also spend time on several shore excursions unique to the islands, including a visit to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Program at the Charles Darwin Research station and treks up powerful lava fields and volcanic landscapes.

Without a doubt the Islands are one of the world’s most unique destinations. Their amazing ecosystem, history, geology and wildlife leave guests with an overwhelming sense of respect and amazement at the life that has been able to thrive here.

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Day 1 / Quito to Galápagos
Day 2 / Santa Fe and South Plaza Islands
Day 3 / North Seymour Island and Las Bachas
Day 4 / Bartolomé Island
Day 5 / Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island
Day 6 / Floreana Island
Day 7 / Española
Day 8 / San Cristobal Island


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