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Immerse yourself in the best explorations British Columbia has to offer. Imagine tracking a grizzly bear deep into the woods, or observing a pod of orcas, but all on the same day!

Navigate your way through unblemished wilderness on this private tour in British Columbia. Designed by Tom Abraham, a true explorer, he has practically explored the entire world’s wide-open spaces, from BC to Belize, Baja, Bhutan and beyond. Considered 3% crazy, and 97% life-giving you can be sure of 2 things: that you will faithfully immerse yourself in all that BC has to offer, and while spreeing a good-time!

Your high-points of travelling this journey:

  • Expectations and wildlife encounters
  • Luxury refined accommodation
  • The British Columbia Adventure
  • What you need to know about BC

Expectations and wildlife encounters

When asking Tom how close encounters are to wildlife? He responds, “Depends, but they are usually close enough to prompt a buzz!” The whale sightings take place in Broughton Archipelago, the southern edge of Great Bear Rainforest, subsisting of dozens of undeveloped islands and islets. Meanwhile on the eastern edge of the great Bear, in the coastal mountains, along a whitewater river, the Atnarko in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park you will spot the bears. Ultimately this area is a temptation for outdoor enthusiasts.

The bears and whales experience is only available in late August to early October when both whales and bears are in accessible areas at the same time. Even so during the winter months Tweedmuir does offer a winter experience, but it is predominantly based on heliskiing.

Luxury refined accommodation

Tom says, “The properties that we have selected in British Columbia for this specific trip are Nimmo Bay Lodge and Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.  Both are wilderness lodges, fairly small and intimate in size and with high service levels.  Each prides itself with their beautiful settings – Nimmo being on a remote BC inlet, and Tweedsmuir is overlooking a snowcapped mountain range.

Nimmo Bay Lodge

Nimmo Bay Resort, is a National Geographic unique world lodge. According to National Geographic, “This lodge is the very definition of a secret hideaway! Its landscape is defined by granite mountains that overlook misty fjords, splashing waterfalls, and secluded beaches; blue-toned glaciers; and islands where the wildlife far outnumbers the humans. Incidentally Nimmo Bay Lodge was one of the world’s first ecolodges.”

The lodge has nine spacious-yet-cozy cabins: six intertidal and three streamside, all with breathtaking views of the surrounding bay. Each cabin was carefully constructed with the surrounding environment and the comfort of their guests in mind.

Culinary too is a big part of the adventures that they offer. They have an extensive selection of local foods available for you to experience. They believe your food shouldn’t travel further than you do, so they choose local sustainable providers for their ingredients.

Tweedmuir Park Lodge

Between Mt Stupendous and Mt Mellikan, where the Atnarko, Talchako and Bella Coola Valleys merge, you’ll find Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.

The historic Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is an inviting, family-style wilderness lodge nestled within Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Bella Coola, BC. It is situated on 60 acres of pristine wilderness land with access to a variety of summer recreational opportunities. 

There are a total of 9 guest chalets on the property, accommodating between 2-4 people per chalet. All of the chalets have excellent views and lots of privacy, guaranteeing a serene setting for your holiday. In addition to the main lodge and chalets there is also a spa building with a yoga stretching room, weights and exer-cycles, massage rooms, showers and a 12 person covered outdoor hot tub overlooking the lawn and the coast range beyond.

They serve an international style cuisine, with a West Coast twist. All meals incorporate locally grown, fresh organic produce, and herbs from the kitchen garden add fresh daily accents to each plate served. Seafood is also supplied locally and is caught wild in the waters off Bella Coola. 

The British Columbia adventure

Butterfield & Robinson works with bear guides, who show the guests what to look for, how to behave, and how to spot the bears.  Tom says, “Generally they are looking for tracks, and favorite areas for hierarchy establishment.  Food sources, disturbed vegetation, sightings and listening for animals.  Similar to tracking any other animal really.  No guns  – only bear spray as a deterrent.  It’s fun and interesting.”

The itinerary is set to a degree, but remains fairly fluid to accommodate the weather, wildlife viewing and client interests. Without a doubt you will most likely be overwhelmed by the many highlights along this trip!

For more information or to book this epic wilderness adventure visit Butterfield & Robinson Canada.

What you need to know about BC

From the peaks of towering mountains to the miles and miles of sandy beach, wilderness reigns supreme in British Columbia. But it’s not all rugged. BC is also a top choice for safe, vibrant cities and quaint, artistic towns, all enriched by a blend of cultures.

British Columbia’s national and provincial parks protect vast tracts of wilderness that include the best natural features and diverse environments of the province.  • BC’s rugged coastline stretches for 25,725 kilometres/15,985 miles, including deep, mountainous fjords and tens of thousands of marine islands, the overwhelming majority of which are uninhabited.

The climate can vary enormously across the province as BC is home to several regional microclimates ranging from alpine to tundra, desert to coastal rainforest. In general, temperatures are warmer in the south and milder on the coast, and rainfall is heaviest in coastal communities.

Suggested day by day itinerary


Day 1
Welcome to Vancouver! Spend some time settling into your hotel, exploring this vibrant city on your own, having some dinner at any one of the fabulous restaurants in the city and preparing for a big day tomorrow.
Day 2
Meet your city guide and circumnavigate Stanley Park. Ride to Granville Island, Vancouver’s favourite local market, before catching your flight to the island town of Port Hardy. Take a float plane into Nimmo Bay and your home for the next three nights.
Day 3
Start the morning with a hike in the Great Bear Rainforest before heading out by boat through the Broughton Archipelago to watch the orcas feed and the eagles soar. Visit a magnificent waterfall and marvel as a school of white-sided dolphins play in the bay.
Day 4
Swing by Fife Sound and watch the magnificent sea lions bathe in the sun. After lunch, parents enjoy some relaxation at the hotel as the kids explore the Broughton Archipelago, setting crab traps and adventuring with resident naturalist.
Day 5
Board a private helicopter and soar over the mountains for the opportunity to see Grizzlies feeding on salmon. Hike among wild orchids and heather before flying to the top of a 10,000-year-old glacier for a scotch with glacier ice.
Day 6
Head into the woods to explore the upper valley and Tweedsmuir Park with a professional bear guide. The afternoon includes a number of short hikes to track bears, stopping along the river to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
Day 7
Take a motor launch out onto the fjord to the estuaries looking for Grizzlies and black bears. Visit the old salmon canary and raise some prawn and crab pods before stopping to see the area’s totem poles, a magical place sacred to the Nuxalk people.
Day 8
Enjoy breakfast and one last hike along the Esker trail, providing opportunities to look for bears and try some fishing, before catching a flight to Bella Coola airport and onward back to Vancouver.

According to Travel & Leisure readers Butterfield & Robinson is one of the world’s best tour operators.

What National Geographic say’s about Nimmo Bay Wilderness 

A vacation suits you when you travel with confidence!

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