Riding into History: Exploring Egypt’s Kingdom on Horseback

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Embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure introducing tombs, dunes, and kingdoms!

Egypt can pride itself as being the birthplace of civilisation. The ancient Egyptians developed a unique culture approximately 5000 years ago. Following ancient times it was ruled by a series of foreign invaders. Further, documented they created one of the world’s first form of national governments. And, it is was the birth place of mathematics and writing! There is no doubt in my mind, that combining Egypt’s history, geography and an equestrian gallop through the land, you will be left bedazzled. 

This remarkable journey takes riders through the heart of Egypt. Offering unique opportunities to explore the country’s rich history, diverse landscapes, and ancient cultural heritage on horseback. Aimed at adventure-seeking equestrians and travel enthusiasts, this one-of-a-kind experience promises to be a ride of a lifetime!

The “Tombs, Dunes, and Kingdoms” rides are carefully curated expeditions that blend equestrian exploration with archaeological discovery. Participants will have the chance to traverse the mesmerising landscapes of Egypt, from the storied pyramids and tombs of Giza to the majestic dunes of the Sahara Desert, all while uncovering the intriguing tales of ancient Egyptian civilisations.

Highlights of the Tombs, Dunes, and Kingdoms Ride:

  • Wake to a Vibrant Cairo Morning to Giza
  • Discover the Fayoum Oasis
    • Magic Lake Afternoon/Sunset Ride
      • Wadi El Hitan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Luxor’s Splendors
    • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon and Luxor’s Temples
  • Aswan

Wake to a Vibrant Cairo Morning to Giza 

The capital is a city of astonishing diversity and vitality, uniting elements of Africa, the Orient, and Western Europe. Sprawling around the Nile and up towards the Delta, Cairo has a population of 14 million and requires several days to visit properly. 

A trip around Old Cairo is an enchanting return to a former age. And there are many fine examples of Islamic art and architecture. In Pharaonic times, the east bank of the Nile was for the living, and the west was for the dead. However, today’s west bank is the most modern part of the city. But, where the city stops, the Egypts of fellahin abruptly starts – date palms, canals, mud villages and lush green fields. 

To the south, the transition is even more startling with an area of casinos and luxury hotels which suddenly gives way to rolling sand dunes, and towering above them, the magnificent pyramids of Giza. 

These pyramids built for rulers are the best-known achievements of the ancient Egyptians. They are gigantic stone structures, marvelling architectural and engineering skills. They have been preserved by a dry climate for approximately 4500 years, and serve as a reminder of the glory of ancient Egypt. 

Riders will wake to vibrant sounds of Cairo before setting off on an exhilarating adventure on beautiful Egyptian horses. Riding onto the Giza plateau, you will explore the desert on horseback, followed by a walking tour of the Sphinx. After a delicious lunch, a leisurely sunset ride through the surrounding villages will await you.

Discover the Fayoum Oasis

The journey continues as riders venture to the magical Fayoum Oasis; a hidden gem surrounded by vast open desert. 

Riders will experience the thrill of fast gallops across the dunes and marvel at awe-inspiring rock formations that showcase Egypt’s natural wonders.

Magic Lake Afternoon/Sunset Ride

After a relaxing morning, the expedition takes riders to Magic Lake in Wadi El Hitan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its abundance of fossils. The lake’s enchanting colours and tranquil surroundings provide a mesmerizing backdrop for an unforgettable sunset ride, offering a unique perspective from between their horse’s ears.

Luxor’s Splendors

Regard the Temples of Amon at Karnak; obelisks and halls (and the son et lumière show); the valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings. This is where 64 of the Pharaohs are depicted in an enormous relief hewn from the rock.

Upon reaching Luxor, travellers will explore the famous Valley of the Kings, presented with the option of a full day in the saddle or a combination of sightseeing and riding. 

Riders will witness the grand tombs representing the values of ancient pharaohs and indulge in typical Egyptian cuisine for a memorable evening.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon and Luxor’s Temples

Rising with the morning call to prayer, participants will embark on a magical sunrise balloon tour or horseback ride over the majestic Valley of the Kings. 

They will then visit the Temple of Habu and the Temple of Hatshepsut, an exceptional display of ancient Egypt’s wealth and master craftsmanship, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the country’s historic legacy.


As well as being a beautiful winter resort with many hotels Aswan has a huge array of temples, monasteries, the Elephantine Island’s ancient Nilometre, and the Aswan High Dam (one of the three largest dams in the world). 

Further to the south is Abu Simbel – surviving largely thanks to a UNESCO – backed project in the 1960’s – with the two magnificent temples of Rameses II. 120 km North of Aswan is the temple of Edfu, one of the best preserved in Egypt. 

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