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Exceed your vacation expectations by learning how to plan a trip wisely with Where to go when Lonely Planet! Gather the necessary resources through easy to navigate flowcharts, advice, and options. 


If you are anything like me, you have the perfect bucket-list mapped! We work hard, and then we want to vacation ‘hard’! And, although we all have different versions of what “vacation hard” is, in the end we all want the same desirable outcome. Respectively whether it be complete relaxation, a cultural encounter, adventure travel or a regenerative travel experience etc, one thing is certain, and that is choosing where to go when for the perfect ‘YOU’ experience!

Why we chose the Lonely Planet Where to go When guide book for you?

Firstly, the scenarios are fascinating! Secondly, the Lonely Planet, “Where to go When Guide Book” is practical. The plan, idea and method illustration executes a comprehensive and integrated breakdown of 360 destinations focusing on potential outcomes of when you go, including:

  • Easy to navigate flowcharts
  • Weather charts
  • Advice – backdrop & need to know
  • Options – trip plan

The rat race doesn’t go easy on us! And as a result what do we do? We skimp on our bucket-list! Due to extreme work and family pressures we venture to the destination at a bearable time. Or, we economise by going during the unadvised season when it’s cheaper. This isn’t ideal bucket-list planning criteria.


As mentioned, everyone’s idea of a perfect vacation is different, and this guide book’s toolkit rollout is brilliant but simple and fun. Starting with options:

  1. Do you want to relax / indulge, or
  2. Challenge yourself

Following these prompts it progresses with a mind-map exploring all possible chains of thought through a colourful selection of scenarios. In April you could relax or indulge by discovering culinary secrets, ancient wonders and colourful bazaars of Istanbul. Or you could head for the beach and chillout in the pristine Pacific archipelago of Vanuto. In contrast if you would prefer to challenge yourself you could consider immersing yourself in Palau for some underwater adventures in paradise. But if underwater isn’t your thing, perhaps tackle a tough Alpine classic when conditions are at their best!


For comfort sake it isn’t ideal to visit a place when it is either sweltering or frosty, but it may be feasible if that makes the experience? Each chapter has a bubble weather signal hottest to coldest destinations, followed by the analysis. Let’s take a look!

Although Jasper Canada can reach -4°C / 25° F during December its the optimum time for champagne powder snow, and exceptional nightlife. Opposite spectrum presents Kenya with renowned Game Reserves in a moderate July climate, but a scorching 34°C / 93° F in February. The question presented is why would you want to visit Kenya in February when it is not an ideal safari time? Simply, because of its soft white sand, quaint fishing dhows, spice-infused Swahili Coast culture, and finally when the weather is hot, and the water visibility is at its best, migrating whale sharks may pass you by. Basically, this beach scene is far from second rate in Feb!


The guide covers all the essentials of what to expect, but what makes it, is its indicator of different mix and match types of travel combinations:

  • Wildlife
  • Adventure
  • Value
  • Cultural
  • Journey
  • Food & drink
  • Personal growth
  • Relaxation

If you are looking to include many of these indicators, a good option is Hoikkaido, Japan. You can include a good combination of adventure, nature & wildlife, food & drink, cultural and relaxation into your trip. Another alternative destination ticking off many of the indicators is Nova Scotia Canada, Equador, Tibet and Vermont USA (But these are only a few of many destinations.). However if the indicator is just relaxation and value, perhaps Mauritius in April is your best bet. But the combination of indicators are endless and it also provides the best alternative months. 



A great place ruined by the worst time of year:

Say, Philippines is on your bucket-list for its picturesque beaches and July is the time you have available. You may want to think twice! Because the chance that the view of the beach you may have is from your hotel room due to the monsoon season is great. However, February is ideal because of weather conditions, and it is whale shark season. If lucky, avid snorkellers may get to snorkel alongside these gentle giants.

To embrace crowds, or not to?

February is a month divided in Venice. On one hand it is a mesmerising time with its atmospheric mists while largely uninhabited by tourists. However pick a weekend during the 2 week long Carnival in Feb and the scene changes drastically with its masked balls, parades, banquets and fireworks. But perhaps its the crowds and medieval vibe you envisage. If you insist on the feb Venice experience you can still miss the crowds by sticking to the outskirts.

A great example of what you need to know:

If you are heading to Lapland, many lodges offer aurora alerts – a wake-up call if the lights emerge! Perhaps ensure your accommodation booking is exclusive of this! You don’t want to go all the way to miss the spectacular.


Understand your destination prior planning & departure – its culture, weather, indicators, experiences etc and study the reviews of service providers. Avoid negative surprises at all costs.

Why is it best to trek gorillas in Rwanda during dry season? Because hiking conditions are easiest, and the malaria risk lowest.

Is there a perfect South Africa Combo, and does it fall into the typical July in season? Yes there’s a perfect combo, and no the combo isn’t typical of July! Cape Town towards the end of Spring is buzzy, dry and warm, while the Kruger National Park is dramatic with it’s electrifying thunderstorms and wildlife sightings. Perhaps with this combo in mind November is the most interesting time to visit South Africa? A perfect trip plan here would be spending several days in Cape Town, followed by the prestigious Blue Train north for your safari destination.

The reality is the perfect equation is more than good weather, and moderate crowds (or maybe you do want crowds), it includes all the indicators based on your needs. After all, everyone is different, and what is good for me, isn’t necessarily for you. But ‘Where to go When” gives you the breakdown to choose right for you from over 360 places.

Get your copy Where to go when Lonely Planet guide book, investigate the scenarios and start planning your ideal bucket-list vacation!

Now that you know where you want to go. Next step in planning is investigating reviews and researching service providers!

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